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What is an aptamer?

Aptamers function as antibody alternatives for all applications

Aptamers are small synthetic nucleic acid-based affinity binders that can bind specifically to a given target. As such, aptamers can be used as an antibody alternative in a variety of research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. These short RNA and DNA nucleic acid molecules are capable of folding to:

  • wrap around a small molecule target
  • fit into clefts and gaps within the surface of much larger target molecules

This ability to fold into or around the complex surfaces of a target molecule means that aptamers can be selected to a wide target range, including traditionally difficult targets.

Aptamer Chart Antibody

Aptamers are synthetic affinity molecules that can specifically bind to both large and small molecules

The ability of aptamers to mimic antibodies means that aptamers can be substituted for antibodies in a wide variety of applications, such as lateral flow devices, ELISA, and affinity chromatography. Aptamers can also be readily conjugated to gold nanoparticles or quantum dots as a basis for point-of-care diagnostics.

Aptamer Chart-FeatureOur aptamers and selection processes are engineered to overcome many of the traditional problems associated with antibodies and other protein affinity reagents and offer a viable alternative for use in diagnostics and as therapeutics.

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