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Flexible Monitoring of Small Molecules in Complex Matrices with Aptamer Affinity Reagents using Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI)

Watch as Dr David Bunka, Aptamer Group CTO, details how BLI is used within Aptamer Group’s screening and validation processes to identify the best aptamer and Optimer™ reagents, with a focus on small molecule detection and quantification.

Aptamer Group’s standard development process includes optimization of our aptamers for performance and manufacturability. This approach supplies customers with the best performing Optimer for improved kinetic binding, improved reagent stability and reduced downstream manufacturing cost.

Aptamer Group use the Octet Red384 platform to screen and characterize the target binding of our aptamer and Optimer reagents for assay development. Within this webinar we highlight a number of aptamer-based applications that are informed by BLI.

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N.B: This webinar was originally broadcast in Oct 2018. Keep an eye across our various channels for upcoming webinars.



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