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Novel solutions driving therapeutics

Optimer™ therapeutics are next-generation aptamers that are being applied to all stages of drug discovery and development. Optimers can act as agonists, antagonists or cell-type-specific targeting moieties for the delivery of therapeutic agents to target cells and tissues in the treatment of disease. Selected via our proprietary platform for rapid generation and simple, consistent large-scale production, these novel biological therapeutics show potential to accelerate discovery and development for a wide range of human diseases.

We are working with commercial and academic partners to develop novel therapeutics for many intractable targets, and to improve upon current treatments with the application of Optimer technology.

Benefits of Optimer Therapeutics:
  • Small size
  • Robust
  • High target affinity
  • Synthetic production for batch consistency
  • Intractable targets
  • Multiple administration routes
Optimer Therapeutics

Delivering next-generation aptamer therapeutics. Optimised for health.

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Optimer-drug conjugates

Targeted delivery vehicles for future-ready therapeutics.

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