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From concept to supply

We have compiled some of our favourite international success stories to show you the trust and efficiency of working with Aptamer Group.

From multinational pharma to small biotech and academics, find out why they chose us!

“From the initial conversations to the final presentation and technical results, the entire team met or exceeded all expectations.”

Senior Researcher, Top 10 pharma company

“Working with Aptamer Group has opened up new avenues for our technology, highlighting its compatibility beyond standard antibodies to work with the next generation of targeting ligands, like Optimer® binders. The team at Aptamer brings the same innovative scientific approach with a commercial mindset that we embrace, allowing us to work at pace to provide novel solutions that could improve treatment for cancer patients globally.”

Chief Executive Officer,Clinical-stage oncology biotech

We really enjoy working with Aptamer Group. They are just as passionate about technology and innovation as us.”

Chief Executive Officer, Veterinary diagnostics company

“The team at Aptamer Group has been hugely supportive in developing methods and sharing tips and techniques. We are at the cutting edge of research, so many of these techniques and targets are very new.”

Research Fellow, Russell Group University

“Thank you for delivering high quality data in a timely manner. Very competent team and very pleasant to work with.”

Lead Scientist, Top 20 pharma company

I have to say that the team has been brilliant. Nothing has been too much trouble and I hope that the partnership continues.”

Chief Scientist, Environmental diagnostics company 

Pushing for a new paradigm in disease management

Dr Netz Arroyo from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is developing aptamer-based point-of-care assays and wearable sensors for improved disease management

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Disrupting protein interactions to rewrite transcription

Dr Katherine Bridge at the University of York is investigating the role of the transcription factor HIF with the potential to improve cancer treatment with targeted therapeutics.

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