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Tailored Optimer discovery strategies for success in diverse applications

Affinity binders are the workhorses of assays and methods across the life sciences. From biologics to bioprocessing ligands and research reagents, the requirements for affinity binders vary according to application. Simply binding to a target is often insufficient for performance, and we need to consider additional factors for success in affinity binder development. Optimer binders are synthetic affinity binders discovered and developed in vitro for ethically compliant antibody alternatives.

Join us for this webinar to learn how we tailor Optimer discovery for tuned target selectivity, matrix compatibility, and function in protein detection, quantification, purification or to affect cell signaling

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  • factors to consider when developing custom reagents
  • how your custom development strategy should be modified to meet your project needs
  • the tuneable Optimer platform and how it is supporting our partners’ success.

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