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Simplifying small molecule detection and analysis using Optimer® beacons

Optimer® binders offer a solution for quick and convenient analysis of small molecule targets, such as drugs, vitamins, or hormones, through affinity-based assays. With a unique discovery process dedicated to small molecule targets, Optimer® binders deliver better performance and accurate results. Now offering even simpler assays for your convenience, see how Optimer® binders can be retro-engineered into molecular beacons for in-solution concentration monitoring of your small molecule analyte.

Download the webinar to learn:

  • Why the discovery method for your small molecule binder matters
  • How Optimer® assays compare with HPLC-MS analysis
  • About the selectivity and reproducibility of Optimer® binders in small molecule assays
  • How Optimer® binders can be engineered into molecular beacons for convenient concentration monitoring of your small molecule analyte

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