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Pushing for a new paradigm in disease management

Rapid and reversible aptamer binding is helping to build new in vivo biosensors that will change the way we diagnose and treat disease.

Dr Netz Arroyo is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Applying his background in electrochemistry to the field of biological sensors, he is developing aptamer-based point-of-care assays and wearable sensors for improved disease management.

“What if we could analyze a drug within a patient and monitor pharmacodynamics examining the biomarkers of disease and treatment at the same time, and couple these things together? I think that’s something pretty unique.”

Dr Netz Arroyo

We spoke with him about why aptamers are the unique solution he needs to enable his biosensors, how these devices could revolutionize healthcare and how close they are to the clinic.

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