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The Optimer® platform supports a diverse portfolio of partners and technologies.

We work with key partners and projects to generate Optimer® binders that enable these projects on a target-by-target basis. Optimer® binders are currently being developed to enable improved biotherapeutics, diagnostics and biomanufacturing processes across the life science industry.

Aptamer Group have established a collaboration with AstraZeneca to explore the potential of using Optimer® technology to target the kidney. The two-year agreement will give AstraZeneca use of Aptamer Group’s proprietary technology to explore the feasibility of developing the next generation drug delivery vehicles, as Optimer®-drug conjugates to enable targeted delivery specifically to the kidney.

The collaboration will aim to identify Optimer® for use as Optimer-drug conjugates for targeted delivery of diverse payloads to new cellular targets.

Aptamer Group is working with Cancer Research UK and Dan Wiseman and the Oglesby Leukaemia Research Programme at the University of Manchester. The project will explore the potential of bifunctional Optimer® therapeutics for the treatment of Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukaemia (CMML) and other myeloid malignancies.

This multi-target agreement with PinotBio will develop Optimer®-drug conjugates for the potential treatment of blood-borne cancers. PinotBio’s camptothecin-based payload and linker technologies will be combined with Optimer® delivery vehicles for selective delivery to the tumour site. The potential to increase therapeutic dose and reduce off-target effects, in diseases such as myeloma, leukaemia and lymphoma with Optimer® conjugates represent the next evolution in precision therapies.

Aptamer Group will develop validated Optimer® binders against critical targets for ProAxsis’s diagnostic assays. ProAxsis will then assess Optimer® performance within their current diagnostics assays, with the view to potentially replacing the antibodies in their commercial diagnostic assays.

This partnership enables Deepverge to monitor SARS-CoV-2 infections in breath samples for the diagnosis of infected individuals and in wastewater monitoring systems to monitor and detect community outbreaks. Optimer® binders specific to SARS-CoV-2 will be incorporated into these biosensor-based detection systems to monitor and limit the spread of the COVID-19.

Aptamer Group will be working in collaboration with ValitaCell to engineer a next-generation platform, in which Optimer® binders enable ValitaCell’s high throughput screening processes to new biologic targets. These screening processes can rapidly identify promising molecules and cell lines that could go on to be developed into new therapeutic drugs.

This partnership will focus on developing new affinity resins to improve the purification and scale-up of gene therapy vectors. Aptamer Group will develop an Optimer® capable of binding and eluting a viral vector. Bio-Works Technologies will then develop a derivatized resin by coupling the Optimer® to its patented WorkBeads™ agarose beads.

As part of this Optimer® will be developed to a new target class, with the potential for incorporation into Takeda’s drug development process.

Following the development of specific Optimer binders to the agreed range of targets, the Optimer® binders will be available to Takeda to evaluate for the feasibility of working as critical assay reagents with their drug compounds.

Aptamer Group will develop Optimer® binders to enable a public life science research tool company. Optimer® binders will be integrated into its partner’s life science research platform. The deal structure includes phased project payments potentially totalling multiple millions of pounds, with IP-related milestone payments and long-term single-digit royalty payments.

Aptamer Group will enable a public life science research company via the large scale discovery and development of over 250 Optimer® binders for incorporation into proteomic research products and kits.

Aptamer Group is partnering with a top five global pharmaceutical company to develop Optimer® binders for incorporation into an analytical assay to support the development of a novel vaccine candidate for neurodegenerative disease. The agreement includes an initial upfront payment to Aptamer Group with long term recurring licensing fees for over 10 years upon implementation of the assay into the partner’s global vaccine manufacturing processes.

We are always interested in supporting new partners via custom development of Optimer® binders for therapeutics, diagnostics, bioprocessing and research applications. Please get in touch for more details on how we can enable your pipeline and projects.

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