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Optimer™ Therapeutic Pipeline

Our candidate Optimer therapeutics provide new opportunities to control and modify diseases. We continue to strive to address the unmet needs of patients who have limited or inadequate treatment options.

Aptamer Group pipeline

Therapeutic Development Partners

We have a partnership-based business model, as we generate and combine Optimer therapeutics for our partners on a target by target basis. Optimer-based biotherapeutics are currently being developed in collaboration with Cancer Research UK, AstraZeneca, PinotBio and other undisclosed partners.

We are looking for new partners for custom generation of Optimer therapeutics and Optimer delivery vehicles as next-generation biopharmaceuticals.

Cancer Research UK

Aptamer partners

Aptamer Group has established a collaboration with Cancer Research UK and Dan Wiseman and the Oglesby Leukaemia Research Programme at the University of Manchester. The project will explore the potential of bifunctional Optimer therapeutics for the treatment of Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukaemia (CMML) and other myeloid malignancies. The partnership intends to build on initial data showing the therapeutic potential of Optimer therapeutics that can selectively target a key genetic mechanism involved in driving this group of cancers.


Aptamer partners

Aptamer Group have established a collaboration with AstraZeneca to explore the potential of using Optimer technology to target the kidney. The two-year agreement will give AstraZeneca use of Aptamer Group’s proprietary technology to explore the feasibility of developing the next generation drug delivery vehicles, as Optimer-drug conjugates.

This collaborative project, which brings together the platform technology developed at Aptamer Group and AstraZeneca’s leadership in Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism (CVRM) therapy development and expertise in drug discovery and development, aims to use Optimer-drug conjugates to enable targeted delivery specifically to the kidney.


This multi-target collaboration agreement with PinotBio will develop Optimer-drug conjugates for the potential treatment of blood-borne cancers. PinotBio’s camptothecin-based payload and linker technologies will be combined with Optimer delivery vehicles for selective delivery to the tumour site. The potential to increase therapeutic dose and reduce off-target effects, in diseases such as myeloma, leukaemia and lymphoma with Optimer conjugates represent the next evolution in precision therapies.

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