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Optimers – aptamers optimised for you

Optimer™ reagents are aptamers that have been optimised according to the target type, application and experimental conditions. Our tailored Optimer selection ensures the desired performance in each specific end-use assay.

Following the selection of the best performing aptamer from our diverse library, we further optimise this aptamer molecule, through a process known as minimal aptamer fragment identification (MAFI). The MAFI identifies the smallest fragment of the parent aptamer that yields the required target binding profile. From each selected aptamer 23 different fragment molecules are generated, consisting of reductions in size between 20-80% of the parent aptamer molecule.

The best performing aptamer fragment is termed the Optimer and is further characterised and validated. Advantages of the smaller Optimer molecules include:

  • improved binding affinity compared to the parent aptamer molecule
  • reduced manufacturing costs

Increased aptamer affinity

Comparison of the binding of a standard aptamer (green) with the range of Optimer fragments (blue) and the naïve aptamer library (grey) shows the affinity of the aptamer is improved through the selection of the Optimer fragment.

Optimer selection is always performed using a functional binding assay, rather than in silico, so that you can be confident that your Optimer will function as you need it to.

Our aptamer and Optimer selection processes offer a number of advantages to accelerate the development and improve performance.

Aptamer Optimer benefits


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