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Optimer™ Therapeutics

Delivering next-generation aptamer therapeutics. Optimised for health.

Optimers are increasingly being investigated for use in all phases of drug discovery and development. In a similar manner to antibody therapeutics, Optimers can act as agonists, antagonists or cell-type-specific targeting moieties for the delivery of therapeutic agents to target cells and tissues in the treatment of disease. These molecules can be engineered to cross the blood-brain barrier to offer new therapeutic formats and targets.

Proprietary in-house selection methods allow the identification of highly specific Optimers that can discriminate between cell types, including organ-specific and healthy vs diseased cell populations, for site-specific therapeutic targeting and delivery. This combined with the inert Optimer format can deliver reduced off-target effects for improved patient tolerability.

The small size of Optimers, approximately 15 kDa, yields improved tissue penetration and uptake, and offers superior subcutaneous formulations, containing up to ten times higher dose per injection volume, compared to standard antibody formats.

Aptamers are a proven modality in next-generation therapeutics with a number currently undergoing clinical trials and an aptamer therapeutic previously licensed for the treatment of macular degeneration.

Key benefits of Optimer therapeutics:
  • Rapid development: fully automated discovery accelerates the hit-to-lead phase
  • Inert format: Optimers are non-immunogenic and do not require humanisation
  • Increased delivery to target site: Improved tissue penetration, blood-brain barrier permeability and the potential for higher dosing regimens due to small molecular weight
  • Tailored specificity: biodistribution flexibility and reduced off-target effects for improved tolerability
  • Intractable targets: interaction with epitopes on targets that are hidden or shielded from the much larger conventional antibodies and in vitro selection for non-immunogenic or toxic targets
  • Multimeric Optimers: To create dual function therapeutics, improve binding kinetics, or improve therapeutic half-life.

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