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Optimer Reagents for the Flexible Monitoring of Small Molecules

The reliable detection of small molecules remains a significant challenge for both diagnostic monitoring and the detection of food and environmental contaminants. Typical small molecule analysis methods rely upon high cost, laborious assays, such as mass spectrometry and chromatographic methods. Point-of-care and field-based detection methods could offer rapid response, first-step triaging to improve patient care and reduce costs. The development of traditional affinity reagents, such as antibodies, to small molecule targets, has proven intractable, limiting the use of low-cost, rapid lateral flow and biosensor applications. Optimers are a nucleic-acid based, antibody alternative with the ability to bind a wider range of targets than traditional protein-based affinity reagents. Here we demonstrate simple and efficient detection and monitoring of small molecules in standard and novel assays with the use of Optimer reagents.

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