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Optimer® libraries

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A suite of Optimer® libraries for every solution

To make sure we deliver the most optimised binder for your needs, we have multiple Optimer libraries and target-type specific discovery processes within our toolkit.

From developing tomorrow’s medicines to generating robust assay reagents, we understand that each project is unique with specific requirements. Each Optimer library within our toolkit has been precisely engineered to offer a range of advantages. We will work with you to select the best Optimer library, and most appropriate discovery process to maximise your success in discovery and development.

The Optimer® libraries


  • Our structural libraries are offered as DNA and RNA
  • DNA is highly stable and ideal for assay reagents and diagnostic tool development.
  • RNA can be modified to tune the in vivo half-life for therapeutic applications or used in native form for internal expression as riboswitches

Structurally diverse libraries

  • DNA and RNA libraries of 1014 diverse sequences
  • Composed of the complete diversity of Optimer structures
  • Ideal for use with positively charged targets or smaller targets

Structurally constrained libraries

  • DNA libraries of 109 diverse sequences
  • Composed of highly stable motifs in different combinations
  • Ideal for use with negatively charged targets or larger protein targets

Small molecule libraries

  • DNA and RNA libraries of 1014 diverse sequences
  • Composed of the complete diversity of Optimer structures
  • Ideal for small molecule targets with discovery in-solution to maximise the available functional groups on your small molecule target

1 platform. 3 parallel discovery processes. Unlimited solutions.

The Optimer platform integrates unique discovery processes for

  1. Small molecules
  2. Proteins and peptides
  3. Cells, virions and tissues

Depending upon your target type we can employ different Optimer discovery processes alone, or in combination, to ensure only fully functional binders are captured in our discovery processes.

Flexible functionalisation for every application

All our Optimer binders can be simply functionalised with a range of tags, labels, and payloads for convenient adaptation to your assay or application. Optimer binders have been successfully conjugated to:

  • Fluorescent labels
  • Various tags (His, biotin etc)
  • Gold or latex nanoparticles
  • Cytotoxic payloads
  • Gene therapy payloads (ASO, siRNA)
  • Resins and magnetic beads
  • Various sensor surfaces (gold, silica, functionalised plastics etc)

Let’s work together to remove the limits from your science with Optimer®.


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