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Optimer brings precision to cancer research and therapies

Precision cancer research with OptimerIn this webinar Aptamer’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr David Bunka, discusses how Optimers can be used for developing cancer research reagents, new therapies and diagnostic tools.

Aptamers, initially discovered as short synthetic single-stranded nucleic acid sequences, can bind to a diverse range of targets. This made them an alternative to traditional antibodies for a range of applications.


Optimer® binders are customized next-generation aptamers that demonstrate significant potential as targeted therapeutics and diagnostic reagents. They possess affinity, specificity, and stability that can be developed toward a broad range of novel and validated biomarkers.

Topics covered 

  • Targeted delivery vehicles for chemotherapy and gene therapies
  • Biosensor development for chemotherapeutic treatment optimization
  • Diagnostic assays for cancer detection and staging

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