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Optimer®: Accelerating your journey to clinic

Speeding project timelines can be vital to the development of any life science product. Optimer offers an antibody alternative that can cut as much 75% (2.8 years) off the time to clinic, compared to standard antibodies, helping you bring diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to market faster.
Find out how Optimer compare to antibodies, to deliver:

  • A faster path to clinic
  • A simpler path to clinic with less room for error
  • A more consistent product for less waste in the product lifecycle
  • The ability to pursue new targets for novel diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Low immunogenic molecules for optimal therapeutic profiles
  • High quality, non-animal derived reagents for adherence to directive 2010/63/EU

Download the whitepaper to find out how you could cut valuable years from discovery and development with Optimer.

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