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Convenient & accurate IHC with Optimer-Fc Optimer infographic Three factors to consider for IHC aptamers Optimer beacons of accuracy in small molecule analytics Anti-hapten antibody problems Advancing RNA research and therapies with Optimer Aptamers as protein-protein interaction inhibitors Aptamer-aptamer pair and aptamer-antibody pair development Protein-binding aptamers: the what and the how Adopting non-animal methods in drug development The stability of aptamers Can aptamers improve tests for drugs of abuse? Constrained Optimer structures for increased performance In-solution aptamer selection for small molecule targets Custom aptamers: 5 factors to consider before you begin DNA aptamers: from mainstream to next-generation technologies Optimer reagents detect all COVID-19 Variants of Concern Aptamers offer the highest batch consistency for reliable reproducibility From aptamer to Optimer Increasing oligonucleotide production capacity to support the future Speeding the time-to-clinic with Optimer® Expanding proteomic capabilities with Optimers How robust are Optimer-based affinity columns? Aptamer-enhanced gene therapy delivery New methods for hapten bioanalysis Aptamer intellectual property and licensing Developing rapid diagnostics for antibiotics with Optimer reagents New paper: Small molecule drug monitoring for therapeutic drug monitoring New paper: Novel aptamer biosensor for multiplex detection of small molecule targets Small molecule aptamer-based assay meets FDA criteria for drug monitoring SARS-CoV-2 Optimer: Rapid reagent development and validation Biomarker detection in serum is easier using aptamer-based biosensors Aptamers can discriminate between post-translational modifications Rapid small molecule detection using proprietary aptamer assay Aptamer application: Biomarker discovery

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