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Expert panel discussion: Expanding the available target range for new drugs and diagnostics with aptamers

Aptamers are enabling new therapeutics, new diagnostics and the pursuit of new targets. In this on-demand panel discussion experts from industry and academia cover the latest developments in aptamer technology and how they are using aptamers to deliver new solutions to modern healthcare challenges.

Learn about:

  • why researchers are using aptamers in place of traditional affinity ligands like antibodies
  • the tuneable development of aptamers to deliver the performance features you need and avoid cross-reactivity, undesired kinetics etc
  • the ethically compliant development of aptamers for improved regulatory compliance
  • the differences in working with aptamers to other affinity ligands
  • the increased target range enabled by aptamers
  • how aptamers are progressing to the clinic and the benefits of this technology for regulatory development and the patients

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