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Enabling bioprocessing of next-generation biologics with Optimer

Optimer binders are oligonucleotide-based affinity ligands that are being employed to offer new bioprocessing solutions. Isolated from large degenerate libraries, they can bind to a range of protein and viral targets to purify novel biologics or improve current purification processes. We have demonstrated the application of Optimer binders to novel biologics to support affinity purification of vaccine targets, serum proteins and multi-domain biologics. Customised binding conditions used during the Optimer discovery process allow optimised binding parameters for affinity purification, including rapid on-rates, slow off-rate and induced release under mild buffer conditions to prevent target denaturation and improve the final yield of functional product. With fully customised Optimer discovery processes, these binders can enable the biomanufacturing of a novel and diverse range of next-generation biologics.

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