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Optimer™ ELISA

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Aptamer ELISAELISA assays are the most commonly used diagnostic assay and play an important role in drug development and monitoring. Optimers have been successfully developed to a broad range of targets for use in ELISA. To ensure optimal function in the ELISA our selection processes can be customised to specific ELISA buffer or matrix requirements. We can also tailor the selection to allow selectivity between homologous targets for increased accuracy and sensitivity or selection of Optimers to a group of homologous targets.

Optimers can be selected to act as capture or detection reagents in an ELISA, to form ELISA matched Optimer pairs or Optimer-antibody pairs. The rapid selection of Optimer reagents and security of supply offered through chemical synthesis of a known nucleic acid sequence, create the potential to build novel ELISA assays and improve upon existing offerings for research, industrial and clinical settings.

Aptamer detection

Optimers can be used as matched pairs for target capture and detection or in conjunction with antibodies to allow the development of sandwich ELISA assays.

Key benefits of Optimers in ELISA
  • Broad target range from small molecules to PTMs and proteins, each tailored to your ELISA buffer and matrix requirements
  • High target specificity and affinity increasing the accuracy of your ELISA
  • Security of supply with consistent batch-to-batch chemical synthesis for reproducible ELISA results
  • Rapid development times mean Optimers could be in your hands in just 4 weeks
  • Simple functionalisation for targeted orientation of a capture reagent and flexible detection
  • Improved signal:noise via increased packing density of the capture reagent in the ELISA well plate

Optimers for the antibiotic moxyfloxacin showed strong dose-dependent signals in ELISA in a variety of complex matrices demonstrating compatibility with numerous clinical, veterinary and environmental assay samples.

Fluorescent ELISA using Optimer specific for moxyfloxacin shows dose-dependent detection of the antibiotic within buffer, 10% human plasma, 10% river water, 10% milk and 10% synthetic urine.

Comparison of an Optimer and commercially available antibody to a serum protein target by ELISA showed an improved dose-dependent signal of the Optimer compared to the antibody over the concentration range.


Biotinylated Optimers to a serum protein target (1 µM) showed improved performance compared to a commercially available antibody (100 µM; manufacturer recommended conditions) in an indirect ELISA. Optimer detection was performed using streptavidin-HRP (200 µM). Antibody detection was performed using a secondary antibody conjugated to HRP (200 µM).

Custom Optimers for ELISA

Aptamer Group’s established processes can rapidly select Optimers for your target that are compatible with your required ELISA target and conditions. Following selection our in-house expert team can work with you to support the development of your reagents in your specific ELISA, from proof-of-concept through to commercialisation.

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