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Novel solutions driving diagnostics

The sensitivity of a diagnostic test relies on high-performance reagents. Optimer™ reagents are next-generation aptamers that function as ideal affinity reagents for a range of diagnostic tests and assays, including ELISA, lateral flow devices, biosensors, and affinity chromatography.

Aptamer Group offers Optimer-based reagents and services to diagnostic developers to assist in the creation of leading-edge diagnostic tests and assays. Our Optimer technology provides robust antibody alternatives tailored to your specific assay. Optimers are ideal for customers who wish to diversify their product portfolio, develop new lines of products, develop diagnostic kits with standardized reagents, extended shelf-life, or remove the need for cold chain supply. The benefits of the Optimer selection process mean that these assays can be made available for targets previously seen as difficult for these assays.

Defined by the nucleic acid sequence and chemically synthesized, Optimer reagents offer minimal batch-to-batch consistency, securing the supply chain for the lifecycle of the diagnostic. Optimer reagents offer improved quality, reproducibility and flexibility compared to alternative affinity reagents, to support superior diagnostic assay results.

For special diagnostic applications, our experienced R&D team can work hand-in-hand with you to develop new diagnostic assays and ensure that our aptamers perform as needed in your real-world application.

Optimer Affinity chromatography

Specifically engineered Optimer capture reagents for the purification of novel targets

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Optimer Biosensors

Small, selective Optimer reagents for excellent sensor performance

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Optimer ELISA

High-performance Optimer capture and detection reagents for ELISA diagnostics

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Optimer Flow cytometry

Stable target-specific Optimers with simple functionalisation for flow cytometry and FACS

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Optimer Lateral flow test

Highly stable and sensitive Optimers for rapid LFD diagnostic development

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Optimer Beacons

Single reagent fluorescent reporters for novel assays and targets

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