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Custom Optimer™ service

High-performance custom aptamer reagents to accelerate your pipeline

Poor design and validation of affinity reagents, like antibodies, have repeatedly led to the failure of diagnostic and therapeutic programs, even at late stage. Wasting time developing assays with no security of supply, chasing false biomarkers due to cross-reactivity or investing in repeated cycles of antibody discovery with no success, are common pitfalls in poor antibody development.

Optimers reagents are next-generation aptamers, that have been developed to overcome these problems, delivering target specificity, batch consistency, rapid development timelines and the ability to target a broader range of molecules, including traditionally difficult targets for antibodies. Our optimised aptamers are developed with your specific targets and end-use applications in mind and our custom Optimer service is tailored to each project to ensure we deliver the best performing aptamers. We are experienced in developing high-performance aptamers for the most challenging targets and applications.


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