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Case studies

Our custom Optimer™ expertise for your solution

We work to deliver custom Optimers that are tailored to your needs. Explore how we’ve worked with other industry partners to deliver optimized solutions that have helped to speed their pipeline.

Case study 1- Rapid Optimer development to support custom QC assay

Case study 2 – Affinity chromatography ligands with specific elution conditions

Rapid development of highly selective Optimers to support a custom quality control assay

Customer need: Following initial failures with antibody development rapid development of an Optimer to discriminate between a citrullinated and native form of the same protein to perform quality control assessments of production.
Aptamer Group Approach: A specifically designed Optimer selection process incorporating strict negative controls during multiple rounds of selection was used to drive selectivity between the two protein forms and identify the native protein. Biolayer interferometry shows the specificity of the Optimer for the native form with no cross-reactivity to the citrullinated protein.

Highly selective aptamer

Customer benefit: Initial aptamers were offered to the customer for testing after 5 weeks and the final effective Optimer delivered for incorporation into the functional quality control assay in just 10 weeks, allowing the customer to meet project milestones on time and with the required assay specifications.

Development of high-performance affinity chromatography ligands with specific elution conditions

Customer need: Affinity chromatography ligands to purify a plasma protein with specific mild elution conditions to ensure the protein was not denatured during the process.  

Aptamer Group Approach: The selection process was customised to identify aptamers that specifically bound to and eluted from the plasma protein target under very tight conditions to maintain the activity of the purified protein. We also incorporated selection rounds to ensure high target specificity to achieve a high level of product purity from the complex sample matrix. Following selection, we engineered different batches of the custom Optimer with either amine or thiol-reactive groups for easy conjugation to different resins for customer validation.

aptamerCustomer benefit: The customer was able to purify the target protein from plasma samples with the desired level of purity and maintain the protein activity through the use of Optimers tailored to mild elution conditions. Simple functionalisation of the Optimer allowed for flexible optimisation of affinity chromatography resin to support further development.


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