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Company culture

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  • Our vision is science unlimited. We do this by powering scientific innovation for our partners across the life sciences with novel technological solutions​.


  • Through our people and values, we are driven to remove scientific barriers for our partners success by delivering high quality science underpinned by innovation, integrity, and precision.

Core values

Aptamer Group York Press Awards

  • Effective & Fast: We are task oriented, organised, quick to deliver: Own it. Be bold. Take action, Execute.
  • Forthright with integrity: We are direct and unambiguous in communication.
  • Committed to the Mission: We are all responsible and driven to deliver the mission and vision of the company.
  • Intellectually stimulated: We are passionate about our science, and what our proprietary technology can achieve.
  • Be hugely productive: With a positive attitude at all times to ensure we meet the expectations of all stakeholders.
  • Team Oriented: We as a team are fearless in taking accountability, we give responsibility to others and foster and environment for team success.
  • Tenacious: We move forward with drive and purpose


Qualities we look for in Aptamer Group employees

Team members at Aptamer Group:

  • have high levels of integrity and are accountable and responsible for timely delivery, continuous improvement in both science and company culture
  • believe in partnership, collaboration and delivering excellence through interdisciplinary working
  • have a voice – every opinion should be heard. Every employee has something unique and valuable to offer
  • are focused on development, delivery and execution

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