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Aptamer Group: New look, same world-leading aptamer technology

At Aptamer Group, we’re determined to provide our customers and partners with the highest quality service. We’re excited to announce our new branding to reflect our commitment to provide leading-edge aptamer development to deliver novel solutions to drive discovery. Our vibrant new branding seeks to re-energise and modernise our interactions with our life science and healthcare clients with a brand new logo, font and website.


New brand

Our new branding signifies the company’s transition from a development stage, where we have refined our aptamer technology through many years of academic collaborations and the review and updating of in-house processes, to a more commercially focused company, able to support novel diagnostic and therapeutic applications for our life science and healthcare clients. To support this transition we have re-branded with a brand new logo, font and website.

While our key objectives and focus remain the same, our shift to a new, updated brand and website represents our goal to streamline efficiency and broaden our vision to offer Optimers as innovative antibody alternatives across the full spectrum of life science applications.

Same rapid service

We can deliver custom Optimers for your target of choice in as little as 4 weeks from target receipt, to speed project timelines, or work as partners to support and optimise your solution’s development. Working to develop our next-generation aptamers, we aim to provide future-ready solutions for research, bioprocessing, diagnostics and therapeutic uses. Optimer technology offers the ability to target a broader range of molecules, including targets that have proven intractable with antibodies, while reliance on chemical synthesis methods for our sequenced aptamer-based solutions ensures the security of supply and minimal batch-to-batch variation.

New website, easier navigation

Our new website offers greater functionality and improved navigation for greater customer experience, giving you the information you need about our technology and knowledge of what you can expect when working with us. Moving from our old address to the new website shows our increasing global interactions and reach. Science is a global enterprise and we work with partners internationally, so we wanted to make our website easier to find for scientists and those needing innovative technology solutions and more representative of Aptamer Group now and as we step into the future together.

Most importantly, what does this mean for you?

Our new look and website is a key way to highlight our full suite of technical services and our dedication to developing Optimers as novel solutions driving discovery from research to the clinic. At Aptamer Group, we will continue to offer the highest level of technical consultation and project insight, and deliver solutions that overcome your specific scientific hurdles. We will continue to highlight new avenues of exploration, develop new approaches and deliver on new targets with accurate, flexible and dependable next-generation, aptamer-based solutions – Optimers.

Our change to company branding is a fresh step towards the future of our company. We believe that our new branding will not only energise our services but will maintain strong and reliable relationships with our scientific customers and partners, to advance science more quickly and reliably together.

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