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Aptamer Group and BizCom announce collaboration for Optimer distribution and marketing services in Japan


Aptamer Group, Ltd. the developer of Optimer®BizCom Japan, Inc., a Japan-based trading and consultancy company, today announce that they have entered into a distribution and marketing agreement.

This agreement gives BizCom non-exclusive rights to market and sell Optimer discovery and development services in Japan.

The Optimer platform consists of three integrated discovery processes that together increase the potential target range of Optimer binders. These nucleic acid-based affinity ligands deliver a range of advantages to scientists, including faster discovery, increased batch consistency and increased stability, removing the need for freezers and providing a longer shelf life than protein-based alternatives.

BizCom Japan, Inc. will use its extensive experience, and sales and marketing expertise, in Japan’s life sciences space to market Aptamer Group’s services in the region.

 “We are delighted to partner with BizCom Japan to establish a clear route to market for Optimer discovery services in Japan, one of the largest pharma and medtech markets. This is an important market for Aptamer Group; BizCom Japan is an excellent partner and is associated with well-known, established suppliers. It has an excellent reputation for customer support and a wide network throughout Japan.”

Dr Arron Tolley, Chief Executive Officer of Aptamer Group

“We are pleased to distribute custom Optimer services into the Japanese market. Optimer binders are unique affinity ligands showing specific binding activity, stability and offering novel solutions to researchers that cannot be achieved with alternative ligands, such as antibodies. We are delighted to bring this new technology to scientists in Japan, to offer increased support to the life science market.”

Dr Hiroyasu Nakatani, Executive Managing Director of BizCom Japan


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