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Enabling novel bioprocessing and quality control solutions.

Novel solutions. High purity. Robust performance. 

The Optimer® platform delivers innovative solutions in the bioprocessing space. 

Optimer® binders function as highly stable and specific capture reagents for a wide range of novel affinity purification targets. In this way, Optimer® is enabling new solutions to meet the unmet need in the affinity purification field.

Our range of screening solutions and tuneable features incorporated within the Optimer® screening process allows us to enable each affinity purification partner with the specifications they require.

Key benefits of Optimer® for affinity purification

  • Novel target purification with a wide range of potential Optimer® target types
  • Discovery in end-use buffers and elution conditions to enable a wider range of purification conditions
  • Specific engineering of the Optimer® orientation on the resin to maximise target capture
  • Small molecular size allows a high packing density on the resin for high binding capacities
  • Highly consistent batch-to-batch production for reproducible performance throughout the lifetime of your product

SDS-PAGE analysis of the purification of the biologic from the feedstock, using a target-specific Optimer® binder immobilised on AminoLink Resin, demonstrates specific binding and elution of the biologic from serum.

Improved bioanalytical control over your product with Optimer®.

Optimer® offers the ability to analyse novel targets to enable the bioanalysis of new and developing modalities within the therapeutic pipeline.

The ability to tune Optimer® binder characteristics and format for incorporation into diverse assay types is being applied across the industry to enable the continual certification of bioprocessing quality. This includes:

  • batch consistency monitoring
  • product safety analysis
  • compendial potency and release bioassays
  • stability assessment

For pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic manufacturing Optimer®-based solutions are enabling development of new therapeutics and improved monitoring of current processes to improve safety and cost-efficiency in Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls.

Key benefits of Optimer® as QC reagents

  • Analyse and monitor novel targets with Optimer®’s broad target range
  • Simple Optimer® functionalisation enables compatibility with diverse assay formats
  • High target affinity and specificity ensure accurate assay results
  • Highest batch consistency with Optimer binders ensures reliable and reproducible data across the product lifecycle
  • Rapid development times can enable tight project timelines

New and improved solutions are required in the bioprocessing space to increase purity, yield and cost-efficiencies, and to facilitate the next generation of drug targets to be pursued through the pipeline. Optimer® binders, as fully optimised aptamers, are enabling these outcomes.

Working with expert partners across the industry Optimer® binders can be tuned to develop new bioprocesses for fragile targets with specific binding and elution conditions that maintain target functionality throughout affinity purification processes. With Optimer® binders’ broader target range generated through the three integrated discovery platform processes, we are working to improve quality control and biomanufacturing across multiple projects and target types to accelerate and support drug development for a wide range of human diseases.

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