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Enabling every stage of discovery and development with Optimer®

Optimer® binders can be applied throughout the discovery pipeline from basic research and target discovery to clinical trials and manufacturing processes, including using Optimer® as the direct therapeutic moiety

Optimer® binders are next-generation aptamers enabling new approaches in therapeutics, diagnostics, bioprocessing, and research applications. We develop custom aptamer binders to support our partners with transformational solutions to overcome the major drug discovery and development challenges.

Selected via our proprietary platforms for rapid generation and simple, consistent large-scale production, these novel aptamers show potential to accelerate discovery and development for a wide range of life science advances. Optimer® binders are robust antibody alternatives tailored to your specific application requirements. They are ideal for partners who wish to diversify their product portfolio, develop new therapies and products, or enable deeper biological insights.

Explore the following application sections to understand how Optimer® can support your next breakthrough in therapeutics, bioprocessing or diagnostic and assay solutions.

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