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Optimer™ Affinity chromatography

High purity. Robust performance. Novel solutions.

Optimer technology delivers innovative solutions in the affinity chromatography space. Affinity chromatography is used to isolate a target from a complex sample, such as a culture medium or tissue lysate, through the specific interaction between an immobilised capture reagent and the analyte of interest.

Optimers function as highly stable and specific capture reagents for a wide range of novel affinity chromatography targets. In this way, Optimers are creating new solutions to meet the unmet need in the affinity chromatography field. With demonstrated performance over multiple cycles, Optimers offer a simple solution that can be engineered to specifically orient the ligand on the resin for maximum target binding and reproducible bioprocessing yields. The ability to select for Optimers that exhibit specific binding and elution characteristics provides the required flexibility to purify in narrow pH ranges whilst maintaining the activity of sensitive protein targets. Our range of screening solutions and tuneable features in Optimer selection ensures we can meet the requirements for each affinity chromatography partner.

Key benefits of Optimers for affinity chromatography
  • Novel target purification with a wide range of potential Optimer target types
  • Selection in end-use buffers and elution conditions to support a wider range of purification conditions
  • Specific engineering of the Optimer orientation on the resin to maximise target capture
  • Small molecular size allows a high packing density on the resin for high binding capacities
  • Highly consistent batch-to-batch production for reproducible performance throughout the lifetime of your product

Reducing SDS-PAGE demonstrates the specificity of the Optimer affinity chromatography resin in binding and eluting Hemopexin from a complex serum sample.

Aptamer Western Blot

SDS-PAGE analysis of the purification of the biologic from the feedstock, using a target-specific Optimer ligand immobilised on AminoLink Resin, demonstrates specific binding and elution of the biologic from serum.

Custom Optimers for affinity chromatography

Aptamer Group’s established processes can rapidly select Optimers for your target that are compatible with your required bioprocessing conditions. Following selection our in-house expert team can work with you to support the development of your reagents in your specific affinity chromatography application, from proof-of-concept to commercialisation.

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