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Advancing RNA research and therapies with Optimer

It is an exciting time in RNA research as we are seeing cutting-edge therapies emerging all the time. Here we are taking a quick look at some of the ways Optimer technology supports this field.

Optimer binders are oligonucleotide-based antibody alternatives that can support RNA research from novel assay reagents to targeted therapies. As oligonucleotides, they can be RNA-based or DNA-based where the assay in question may benefit. These high affinity and specificity binders are offering new solutions to the field of RNA research.

Targeted delivery of RNA therapies

Optimer binders can be easily conjugated to RNA therapies to act as delivery vehicles for siRNA, saRNA, ASO, and larger nanoparticles to guide the delivery of mRNA. The controlled chemistry of Optimer binders allows for known drug-Optimer ratios, and with the ability to undergo receptor-mediated endocytosis and access cells through pinocytosis, there is high potential for improving intracellular delivery of functional payloads with Optimer delivery vehicles. What’s more, the half-life of Optimer reagents can be tuned to allow for rapid hit-and-run strategies or longer half-lives as needed.

The use of Optimers to advance RNA research in the delivery of targeted therapeutics

Optimer therapeutics

Beyond delivering RNA therapies to a cell, the Optimer binder can act as a therapeutic. Optimer binders that inhibit enzymes or prevent specific protein-protein interactions to act as novel therapeutics within themselves have been developed.

Gene switches

RNA Optimer binders are being explored as gene switches. Optimer binders can bind small molecules with high selectivity and affinity. When combined with different expression platforms the Optimer can act as a switch to control gene expression in diverse contexts. Target binding leads to a conformational change that causes structural changes that can allow expression or sequester the expression platform by acting as a riboswitch.

Assay reagents

Optimer binders to specific targets can be used as assay reagents for research, bioanalytical and QC assays. The in vitro development methods of Optimer binders overcome the reliance on the immune system that antibodies have, meaning there is a wider target range for these binders to support novel targets. We have worked with partners to develop Optimer binders to act as PK reagents, bioanalytical reagents for patient stratification, research reagents, vaccine adjuvants and reagents that support the manufacture of mRNA vaccines.

We partner with scientists from the brightest minds in academia to leaders of the pharma sector to support RNA research and we can’t wait to hear more from the community at RNA Leaders about the latest developments.

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