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Aptamer Group is a leading provider of Optimer™ reagents for use in research, diagnostics and therapeutics. The Company strives to deliver transformational solutions, that meet the needs of researchers and developers across the life sciences through the use of its proprietary Optimer technology.

Optimers are next-generation aptamer molecules derived from nucleic acids that function as an antibody alternative. Despite many well-recognised problems with antibodies, the global antibody market is currently worth over $145 bn. Optimers are engineered to address many of the issues found with alternative affinity molecules, such as antibodies, and offer new, innovative solutions to bioprocessing, diagnostic and pharmaceutical scientists.

Aptamer Group has developed a platform technology that drives three distinct businesses: Aptamer Solutions for custom Optimer development, Aptamer Diagnostics for in-house and collaborative Optimer-based diagnostic development and Aptamer Therapeutics for the development of Optimer-based therapeutics. This will generate revenue for sustained profitability in the near-term from custom projects, with long-term value creation through diagnostic and therapeutics as the Company reaches maturity.

At Aptamer Group, we have successfully delivered projects for global pharma companies, diagnostic development companies, and research institutes covering a range of targets and applications with the objective of establishing royalty-bearing licenses. Through our unique technology and processes, we enable scientists and collaborators to make faster, more informed decisions that support discovery and development across the Life Sciences.

“Aptamer Group are committed to developing solutions to customer problems and to fill the gaps left unmet by underperforming antibodies and other affinity ligand technologies.”
Dr Arron Tolley
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Optimer technology

Aptamer Group scientistsOur unique approach to Optimer selection offers novel aptamers tailored explicitly for each custom project. We start with the end in mind: The specific application characteristics and performance requirements are integrated into our Optimer selection and development processes, resulting in a truly customized solution. This simplifies the downstream integration of our aptamers into their intended diagnostic, therapeutic and research applications.

The advantages of Optimer ligands are their rapid development, batch-to-batch consistency and cost-effective manufacturability, a small molecular size, robust performance, and the ability to bind specifically to a broader target range than other affinity molecules. At Aptamer Group, we have shown that Optimer ligands perform well in a variety of in vitro and in vivo formats across a number of different platforms from discovery through development.

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